Voxella Gamma-1

GAMMA-1: 7/23/2021

and now, the obligatory bee update:

  • added the apiary!
  • added some new enemies, such as the seigo, johanna, pefkad, huia, crab, rainbowcap, grooveslang, lavlan, bombaddon, and lots of bees.
  • all enemies now have special dialogue for the blood rain event
  • enemies can now become your allies
  • introducing new npcs such as the miner, cutty, the chef, ooga, and the locksmith
  • added chairs, tables, planter boxes, and hives, which can all be made with the sawmill
  • the council of plants is now hosting a crafts festival every sunday
  • added carpets! and honey, stone, pickaxes, ||tabbouleh, chitlins, sushi, soda,|| gems, mud balls, bunsen burners, LEDs, and coupons.
  • added 2 new armor sets, armor set bonuses, and buffed armor in general
  • added lots of new weapons and accessories: sand swords, strongarms, popsicles, tennis rackets, the gem staff, the pollinator, the instar, wax cells, the nekojo, rapidautofire, sunglasses, speedometers, dreamcatchers, houndstooth check, finger traps, hexaflexagons, paper cranes, and peridots.
  • added a whole host of new debuffs: poison, darkness, brightness, bleeding, daze, silence, and curse.
  • doctorpus can now heal you
  • greencaps now spawn randomly
  • modified the enemy spawning mechanics and two of the bossfights
  • completely removed the pause menu because it messed too much stuff up.
  • changed some stuff with the inventory idk
  • added 9 new quotes to the letters!
  • added particles!
  • added the aurora
  • did lots of general polish, minor tweaks, qol changes, and just generally fun things!
  • broke your old saves again.
  • included a sources file
  • fixed SEVERAL bugs, including one where bottles could generate infinite amounts of fireflies. (its a long story)


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