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Important Note: You can press escape to re-center the mouse if it ever gets stuck, and you can use alt+tab to exit the game.

There are lots of pufferfish in a pond, and they are all trying to join together! Trouble is, their spikes are so sharp and deadly that they stick to and murder eachother in the process. Can you separate these cuddly fish before they all die? And can you do it without having them stick onto you?

My personal best score is 6214- see if you can beat it!

Made for the 2021 GMTK Game Jam.


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Hello. I would like to try and play this game, but it seems it wont work at all :<. Well, it starts, but the second main screen appears mouse cursor sticks to the bottom of the screen, making it impossible to press start. Pressing Esc resizes window in a weird way, while cursor jumps to the middle for a brief moment, immediately returning back to the low part of the screen. Plus, alt+tab didnt work, in a way that mouse still was stuck even after alt tabbing out of it. I am using Windows 10, and my screen resolution is 1920x1080, if it could help with fixing the problems. good luck 

If escape doesn't work for you, you can try moving your mouse really fast into the game window. (janky fix, I know) This should put it back on track to identifying your mouse within the game screen. It could also be that the game window is resized, since it breaks when its not in the right size. If this doesn't help, then I'll look deeper into it and try to make a patch!