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Join Muigi on their quest to discover the world! · By Theepicosity


Recent updates

Voxella Gammb-6
GAMMB-6: 10/13/2021 enemy newtext, part 3: allies system is 100% finished! all overworld enemies have fully functional quests and can be allied. not much more i...
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Voxella Gammb-5
GAMMB-5: 10/10/2021 enemy newtext, part 2: enemies have new dialogue, and more of them can be allied added mimics! and clover keys to open them. modified enemy...
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Voxella Gammb-4
GAMMB-4: 10/6/2021 not even a quest-ion: added 2 new npcs, mary and the chemist there are 4 new quests, bringing the total up to 19 added happiness potion and c...
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Voxella Gammb-3
GAMMB-3: 9/30/2021 weave come so far: there are new rooms in dopplerville, with a new npc, mama doppler. added kites and bows! fixed bugs relating to item text...
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Voxella Gammb-2
GAMMB-2: 9/28/2021 bonus content: added red armor there is a new npc, stacy! critters are no longer shadowy beings of darkness (again) fixed a bug where the gla...
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Voxella Gammb-1
GAMMB-1: 9/27/2021 added a new dungeon, the card castle introducing: the tavern! aswell as a ton of new lore that goes with it. added 6 new npcs: deuce, the wit...
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Voxella Gamma-3
GAMMA-3: 8/3/2021 sounds like a plan: added many new sound effects added scissors, glue, opals, buttons, syrup, silk, and top hats added a new biome, the glass...
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Voxella Gamma-2
GAMMA-2: 7/24/2021 giving credit where credit is due: rewrote the credits! added some accessibility options: max brightness mode and friendly font added support...
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